Cead Mile Failte

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes


Thank you for visiting the Clann Andeoch Web Site!

A short explanation of what we are ....

Firstly, this is an example of a Scottish Clan web site.

"an deoch" is Scottish gaelic meaning "in the drink", or drunk.

Clann is Scottish gaelic meaning children, offspring, or progeny.  It is common to see it used as Clan, as in Clan MacDonald - which is, in a broad sense, means the family of MacDonalds.

Clann Andeoch is a tongue-in-cheek reference to people who think that drinking a large amount of Scotch Whisky somehow validates them as being more Scottish.  In fact, drinking a lot of any alcoholic beverage only makes people drunk and obnoxious.

However, it is also an homage to the fine art of the distillation of Scotch Whisky and the discerning, moderate consumption of that product.